Update: July 8th 11:11 EST
  1. Other than the loss of some historic data, the WEL Server is back online and fully functional.
  2. Unlucky users who lost their Live Images, will need to upload them again here.
  3. That being said, there may still be some issues that I haven't noticed yet, so if you see anything strange, you should let me know (phil.malone@mr-phil.com)
  4. I'm very sorry for the inconvinence, and I've learned my lesson about better backups and stonger firewalls. I hope to improve things to increase security and recovery times.
  5. At some point in the near future I may decide to migrate to a new (clean) server, but this will mean some downtime, so I need to weigh the impact.
  6. This is also a good time to remind users that if you want to keep your historic log data, you should remember to download it once a month and delete the old files.

Update: July 7th 9:30 EST
  1. Yay! The Database system is back online and the Firewall is doing it's job. Great work from the Tech Support team.
  2. We are going to do a Database engine upgrade before staring the reconstruction.
  3. There was a minor glitch with users re-uploading their image files, but that's fixed now, so please reload your live image here.

Notice: July 5 2017 20:00 EST.

The www.WELserver.com server was the victim of a Ransom-Ware attack this evening.

Unfortunatly while it was active, it did significant dammage to a large number of files on the server, by encrypting them so they coud not be read. I have been working through the files the virus encrypted, and replacing them with the original files, but this is a time consuming process.

I ask for you patience while I work through the recovery process. Keep watching here for updates.


Simply put, the WEL (or Web Energy Logger) is a cost-effective way to map the energy flows in your home or office. It can help verify the performance of a solar thermal system, calculate the efficiency of a geothermal installation, or even prove that your home really is "Net Zero".

Not only does the WEL give you a window into your own energy environment, but you can be part of a bigger green community and share your live system-snapshot and trend-charts on the WEB in real-time. Click on the "What is the WEL?" link (above) to learn more, or explore the map below to see what other WEL users are doing globally.