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Duane's World
The scope of this project was easy. My furnace and air conditioner were in dire need of replacement. The firebox was already rusted through. I think that if I had kept the system, this would have been the year for a carbon monoxide lesson.

Bottom line was to replace the existing natural gas furnace and electric air conditioner.<P>

Duane & Cathy's Geo Vermont
1100 sq Ft 2-story Saltbox home, forced hot air heat. MrCool Air-Air 3 Ton Universal Heat Pump just installed to replace GSHP (ECR Technologies) that has become obsoleted for closed company/no tech support.
Loyola Project
Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) custom home incorporating geothermal heat pumps, radiant heat, solar photovoltaic panels, solar water heater panels, drain waste heat recovery, Lutron lighting and shade automation.
Ted's House
Solar Hot Water system monitor
Pat-Dans House
Our home is a Geothermal Heated/Cooled house, it is of new construction and is insulated with BIB system. I has a 6 ton WaterFurnance system with Propane backup for Domstic Hot Water.

Our WEL monitors the ground water temps, DeSuper heater flow and burn times for propane and the Geo's on time.

Full reports available against on-line DB at www.217.done-that.com

Madison, VA
Since 2008.05
This is a 2500 sf average constructed 20 year old home which is heated/cooled with a ground source heat pump (GSHP). The 4-ton heat pump is a H050 Hydron Module using a non-pressurized closed ground loop. The ground loop consist of four 500' high-density polyethylene (HDPE) thermoplastic pipes. The pipes are buried in four 100' long trenches at an average depth of six feet coiled in a horizontal slinky loop configuration.

Work still waiting to be completed: Fix thermosiphoning problem with the hot water desuperheater and install runtime switches for dryer/generator.

2013.02.18 Recabibrate EWT/LWT sensor,Add HE,HC,COP,TC,EER

2014.07.08 Added HobbyBoards Inspeed Anemometer/eVane, RainGauge, Humidity sensors. Still need to install Barometer sensor.

2017.02.? Added Copeland's 'Secure Start' on GSHP to allow starting HP on 7.5kw generator power.

2023.12.? Disable Desuperheater since heater exchanger started leaking water.

2024.03.25 12.5kW PV installed on roof - waiting for system commission.

Yves L. Chenevert RESIDENCE
High insulation Wall R45, Roof R80, Basement floor R11. Situated in cold climate of Quebec Canada. After been through a fire in August 2005 i decided to rebuild a new house with high energy efficiency. I built the complete home myself with my friend Guy. We work 4 hours per day ( After works) and 8 hours on saturday. It took until August 2006 before family could live in the bachelor in the basement. In July 2007 we move in upstair. The house is situated along lake Des Deux-Montagnes. The house is completly heated and cool with 2 Geothermal unit. One Carrier 5 Ton WW for heating house floor, snow-melt driveway and balcony,DHW and pool as secondary source. One Carrier 3 Ton. for cooling house during summer with heat exchanger to recuparate 100% of extracted heat to DHW and pool heating as primary source.
Doug's Place
This is a 3 bedroom 1800sq' chalet style home. (Its 2100sq' when calculating heat loss due to high cathedral ceilings. It is in-floor heat throughout. No air handlers and no cooling (yet). Heat source is a 3 ton water to water heat pump (Nordic by Maritime Geothermal) coupled to a ground loop of 1800' (3 - 600' loops). Also has a de-superheater for domestic hot water. The house has a lot of solar gain and quite sheltered from the north wind.
Suelo Radiante y Fan-Coil

Instalacion de El Molar realizada con FanCoil en plantas Semisotano+Baja+Primera

BCG 8Kwt
Captacion: 2 Perforaciones de 90ml
Terreno: Pizarras descomp.

Renovated 120 yr old Victorian Terrace house.
Upgraded to Passive House, as best as we can! Installed Triple glazed windows
and lots of insulation. Running a Heat Recovery Ventilation,
gas powered hydronic and solar hot water.
elcogeothermal philbrick
1987 Home, with 2008 Geo ground source heating and air conditioning upgrade, consisting of a Horizontal closed loop heat ex-changer(2 x 1 inch HDPE in parallel direct buried pipes (3' separation), buried 5' below grade, in 5 x 400' long trenches), 2 x 3 Ton ground source heat pumps (6 Tons total), 2 stage operation, water to water ground source heat pump system (2 x climate-master GSW036), a(2011 upgrade)radiant in floor heating system with gypsum concrete over-pour retrofit of 2/3 of the first floor SF area of the home, with(original 1987) hot water baseboard for balance of 1st floor and entire 2nd floor. Former 1987)oil fired traditional Hot water baseboard heating distribution is supplemented by (3) 60,000 BTU fan coil units with 3 speed blowers. 60K BTU Fan coils now only provide air-conditioning function during July and August. 80 gallon (Vaughn) stone lined accumulator tank stores 115 degree F heated water in winter for heating, and 42 degree F chilled water in summer for air conditioning.
De-superheater equipped heat pump #2 only, preheats well water for domestic hot water use. De-superheater recirculates domestic hot water water from traditional domestic electric hot water (un-powered preheat) tank, whenever ground source heat pumps are running, thereby assisting with electric domestic hot water production. Primary domestic hot water heating is done in a separate primary electric hot water heater (finishing)tank. The primary electric hot water (finishing)tank is assisted by a NYLE Corp 'Geyser' air source heat pump that transfers heat from re-circulation of basement ambient air, as well as providing de-humidification of the basement throughout the year. On a remote outdoor chain link fence located directly above the horizontal closed loop heat geothermal ex-changer, a grid connected 21KW photo-voltaic array is ground mounted and separately connected to the electrical utility grid..resulting in net zero utility metering and net zero electrical consumption. Fossil fuel costs are zero. Net electricity costs are zero. This home's entire energy needs are all provided by the combination of solar derived heat stored in the earth's crust, and by photo-voltaic solar derived electricity production... for geothermal heating and air conditioning, for electric cooking,etc. No fuel oil, no propane, no natural gas, no wood pellets, no firewood necessary to operate this home. Entire system is virtually maintenance free.The relatively simple Web Energy Logger system monitoring system provides all the tools necessary to monitor proper operation, and efficiency, of the system.
Larry's PV System+
The WEL monitors electricity production from my 2 kW solar PV system, plus whole-house electricity demand, and various indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Performance of my PV system and details to consider when planning a PV system are described at:

6 Ton Bryant/Climatemaster W-A GSHP
2200 sq ft with large old windows and little insulation.
Doctor Solar: Killam Properties, 21 Plateau
40-Panel Solar Thermal Heating System on the roof of a Commercial Apartment Building
Dave and Kathy
Just getting started instrumenting our geo-exchange retrofit to our 7-zone in-floor heating system. Gas boiler is now the backup heat source.
Boxborough Home
Geothermal Heat Pump using existing domestic water well (Standing column well). Installed Feb. 09. Completed install of solar water heater on 10/19/2009
Mark and Elaine
Vertical three loop ground source; 4 ton 2-stage GSHP for 1st floor and basement with propane emergency heat; 3 ton 2-stage GSHP for 2nd floor. Monitors are air temps and thermostat calls for both heat pumps (stage 1, stage 2, Eheat and fan).

Feb 2019: Install 55 photovoltaic 300 watt panels with IQ7 microinverters

Doctor Solar: The Royalton Condominiums
40-Panel Ground Mounted Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating System
Geothermal on a Budget
Having become very frustrated with magazine articles where McMansion's were used to demonstrate the economies (''Our New Home is 100% Geothermal and the geothermal system only cost $ 350,000'') and vendor quotes (''your geothermal system will cost $ 47,000...$ 93,000), I decided to build a geothermal home ''on a budget''. Where the local HVAC company wanted $ 27,000 for the 5 Ton heat pump, installed, I took factory training, purchased the same pump from the factory for $4,700 and installed it myself.

Likewise, where radiant heating was quoted at between $30,000 and $ 45,000, we got a very detailed design and the complete installation kit from the great folks at www.nrt.com and installed it with a bit of help from the plumber. The result is a 6 zone radiant system operated by a Climate Master 5 ton (turns out to be much more than we needed, typical HVAC over-sizing...see graphs) water to water Geothermal Heat pump operating off our domestic water well. First year ran just over $ 1,200 for both heat and hot water. We expect to do better next year, since we're fixing all the sloppy air infiltration our awful builder didn't do properly.

Didsbury ca residential system
The property in Didsbury has been designed to be low impact sustainable home. The home and solar systems built and installed by Pinnacle Contracting

Our home is a 1,345 sq. ft. bungalow with 25,000 BTU/hr of solar heated domestic hot water, solar infloor heating and 1.9 kW solar array
Large south facing windows for passive solar heating
An energy efficient instant hot water heater, backup for solar heat
Energy efficient doors
Triple pane high efficient windows
Is insulated greater than a standard build
R 24 in the walls of the home including polar wrap
R 60 in the ceiling
R 40 in the basement walls
R 20 in the garage walls
R 60 in the garage ceiling
50 year shingles
Low flush toilets and low flow showers heads
All the appliances are new and energy efficient
The yard is landscaped to have low water use

Ian and Elizabeth's Solar Heated Home
8 Thermo Dynamics solar collectors for space heating and domestic hot water; 900 liters of storage; electric auxiliary domestic water heater; fuel-oil fired boiler for space heating backup; cast iron radiators are the heating devices in the home
Cliffs of Insanity
Have the basic info setup. More to be added later.

WaterFurnace Envision Series 2 Ton water to air ground source heat pump.

Thermostat set at 72.F with no setback.

Jim's House
4 Ton GeoComfort Navigator with two 50 gallon Marathon electric water heaters, Three - 300 foot loops buried in the front yard. 1,992 sqft Ranch style home with 10 ft ceilings and 1,800 sqft basement - unfinished.

PV System Size 8.55 Kilo/Watts
PV Generation 11,975 KWatt/Hr/Yr
30, SolarWorld 285 Watt Panels, Poly Silver
SMA 7000 KW String Inverter

Solebury Mountain Observatory
The home is a test bed for a variety of HVAC devices:
-Main floor heating and cooling: Waterless Geothermal 4-ton system. Replaced a failing ECR geothermal system in winter 2018.
-Original heating throughout the house: baseboard hot water. Now fired by a TraingleTube condensing propane boiler.
-Additional main floor heating/cooling: Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump
-Additional basement heating/cooling: Fujitsu 12RLS mini-split heat pump

-Stirling Systems energy recovery ventilator.

This is a test case for a potential wider scale implementation of WEL for monitoring the performance of a number of home energy efficiency retrofits.

Lockard Home
Our Home Green Energy Project that has been an ongoing desire to reduce the cost of energy use. Installed solar DHW heating in 2004 from Silicon Solar NY.12U evacuated tube units circulating gycol to a Butler Systems Solar Wand. Installed in 2016 a 3.6KW APsystems YC500 Micoinverter system with 18 300w Monocrystalline panels . Purchased 2 Ford Fusion energi cars to charge via solar. Gas cost for both is 50 dol month. DHW is a standard 40gal electric water heater with the Solar Wand installed and NG Weil Mclain boiler heating a sidearm heat exchanger. Home is hydronic heated primary by NG Weil Mclain 80 ulra boiler with passive solar heat. Converted large SPA to hydronic heat. Monthly cost to heat is 25 dol. 2020 just replaced 1st DHW heater that leaked with new AOSmith 40gal noncfc foam insulation. Mar 2020 upgraded old WEL 2.2 with WEL 4.3 to add pressure sensors and TED5000 integration
Aaron and Kari's House
Monitoring System for my house. It includes monitoring of my Air-Source Heat Pump, Heat Pump water heater and Heat Pump Dryer.
Doctor Solar: 70 Panels, Killam Properties
70 Panel Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating System for a Commercial Apartment Building
Middleburg Farm
Three seperate 2-speed ground source heat pumps by Florida Heat Pump. They share nine 320ft vertical loops with no antifreeze. Loop sized to maintain 50+ degrees even during severe winter use providing 5.2+ actual COP all winter. 3rd stage electric heat strips for emergency. 11 seperate forced air zones.

Large south oriented windows provide enough passive solar to completely heat house from 10am to sunset on sunny winter days above 30 degrees. There is 6'' thick exterior stone on southern walls to maintain heat into evening. Deep roof overhang shields sun in summer.

HAI intellegent staging thermostats used to maintain the more efficient low speed HP operation as much as possible. They only add stage 2 when user specified heat rise rate is not being met in stage 1.

Amherst, NY
This is a 4400 sqf tudor style house build in 1927 in Amherst, NY near Buffalo. It has cast ion radiators, but also ductwork for central air conditioning. It has 10 x 800 ft slinky outside, for a 10 ton heat exchanger. Inside there is a 6 ton Waterfurnace Synergy 3D, with plans to add another 5 ton W-W unit. It was installed by Buffalo Geothermal in December 2009.
Open loop 4 ton 2 Stage Series 5 WaterFurnace
Dalhousie Univerity LeMarchant Street Mixed Use Facility
Solar domestic hot water preheat system for mixed use facility located at Dalhousie University

46 Thermo Dynamics Ltd. G32-P Liquid flat Plate Solar Collectors
5 - P118330 Thermo Dynamics Ltd. Solar Pumps
3 - D4T28L9 Thermo Dynamics Ltd. Tube and Shell heat exchangers
1600 USG - Solar storage

The Aerie - Electrical Systems
Electrical Metering:
- Net Metering Installation
- Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation (5 kW)
- Backup Propane Generator
- Electrical Car Charger
- Pool Equipment
- Geothermal Heat Pumps
Heat Recovery Ventilator Monitoring
Room Temperature Monitoring

(Note: This site shows only electrical, room temperature, and heat recovery ventilator statistics. Please see http://welserver.com/WEL0243 for mechanical systems.)

Candy's Place
This gorgeous lakeside house was designed by architect John Wingfelder (Buffalo, NY) and built by Wick Construction (Warsaw, NY). The geothermal system was installed by Buffalo Geothermal in the summer of 2009 and is a 6-ton Heatcontroller HTV072 water to air heatpump with a horizontal slinky. Heating, air conditioning, dehumidification and domestic hot water is provided by the geothermal system, 100% emission free, without the need for propane or heating oil.
Rational Energy Solutions- Dover
8500SF house constructed in 2010 with (2) GSHP Water-to-Water systems for radiant heating with domestic hot water generator, plus (5) GSHP Water-to-Air systems for air conditioning and heating backup, plus hot water generator.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

Rational Energy Solutions
New oil fired, forced hot air furnace as the backup system, with a 5T air-to-air heat pump, plus an LG Mini-split air-to-air heat pump for a family room addition. The heat pumps reduce the operation costs by approximately 50% vs. oil at $3.75/gal.

Also has a GE 50 gal. heat pump water heater plus an 80 gal. tempering tank. This is an excellent combination that has reduced the electric power cost for domestic hot water by more than 60%.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

Mountain House
Large scale residential solar thermal DHW and space heating system.
Comments: any_we311@yahoo.com
Tony and Carlos
The geothermal system for this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house in Amherst, NY was built in the spring/summer of 2010 by Buffalo Geothermal.
The geothermal system provides heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water and dehumidification.
The 6 ton Hydron HX water to air heatpump is connected to a vertical heatexchanger (installed by Nothnagle Drilling) which consists of 4 200ft boreholes.
Kafura's House
Waterfurnace 3 ton water to air. Closed loop. 500' well.
Fanton Geothermal
This 4-year old Energy Star Home contacted Alternative Carbon Energy Systems, Inc (A.C.E.S) to install a geothermal heat pump. A.C.E.S performed a Manual J heat loss/gain calculation to properly size the heat pump and loop field. A.C.E.S engineered and installed all aspects of the project including a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV).
Orchard Passive House
Passive House in Eugene, OR. The project has a two bedroom 1100sf house and a 400sf rental apartment above the separate garage. The house has an R100 envelope, no primary heating system, and tested .52ACH50. Most heating is provided by the appliances and occupants. A mini-split Heat Pump provides backup, and a 2500W resistance fan coil in the HRV return backs up the Heat Pump.
Larry and Bonnie
Geothermal residential set-up w/ 4 vertical wells @ 300'.
Monitoring temperature for well source and return.
Heat pump is a 5 ton Carrier 50YDV w/desuperheater for hot water preheat. Grid tied PV (see link. Not yet monitored with WEL)
Ketcham House
The Ketcham House is a 160-year old farmhouse (built 1850). Approximately 2800 square feet. ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 (064 unit) with closed ground loop.
Closed Loop Geothermal
3 Ton Climatemaster TT27 2 Stage Geothermal Heat Pump
3 Loops 170' x 3' x 8' deep installed in slinky configuration 4'/foot of run.
Non-pressurized QT Flow Center
New insulated duct work installed

Installed 8/1/10 by Bealer Enterprises

Weather monitoring station

Mount Pleasant house
High efficiency home in NW Calgary:
* 4-ton geoexchange heat pump.
* Radiant in-floor heating throughout.
* Evacuated-tube solar thermal roof panels.
* Polyurethane structural insulated panels (SIPs).
* Drain-water heat recovery.
Niagara Escarpment Geothermal
This architecturally designed house sits right on the Niagara Escarpment with stunning views over Lake Ontario. The oil fired boiler was replaced in the fall of 2010 with a state of the art geothermal system designed and built by Buffalo Geothermal. The vertical heatexchanger (installed by Nothnagle Drilling) consists of 2 boreholes, each 400ft deep into the bedrock of the Niagara Escarpment. The Hydron Revolution HWT 070 2-stage water-water heatpump provides the entire heat load for the radiant floors as well as year around domestic hot water.
Harvest House
We have a modern, sustainably-built home in Pullman, WA, which has recently received an NW EnergyStar certification. It was designed and built by Dyonne Davidson (IRIS Design Works) and R. Lane Brown. The exterior walls of the first level are FasWall blocks (R-26), coated on the exterior with a concrete-based stucco, and on the inside with a lime-based plaster (EcoStucco). The upper level uses double-stud or lattice-style construction to minimize thermal bridging, and is filled with open-cell foam (Demilec Sealection500) to R-36 and R-28, respectively. The unvented roof is filled with closed-cell foam (Demilec HeatLockSoy200) to R-40+ between the I-beam roof support. The majority of the windows are Atrium triple-pain vinyl windows (U value 0.22). The roofing material is a mechanically-rolled standing seam roof. The solar thermal system was designed and installed in collaboration with Todd Hoitsma from LiquidSolar of Bozeman, MT. We have eight 4x10 solar thermal panels at 23 degrees on a S-facing shed roof. The heat is transferred to a 350 gallon storage tank. The heat from this tank is used to heat domestic water in a Triangle Tube indirect water heater and used for space heating by charging a high-mass sandbed, which lies in an insulated foundation under the polished concrete slab flooring. Fourty-five percent of the glazing is on the S side (would have been more, except for a fantastic view to the East) with overhangs to provide shade during the summer months. During the winter months, this provides passive heating of the dark concrete floor slab. For backup space heating and domestic hot water, we have a Viessmann boiler (95% efficient).
Stolze's Home
I have been a fan of the WEL for sometime now. We recently had a Geothermal heating/cooling system installed and I wanted a way to better monitor performance.
5/2012 We have just installed a 7.65 KW PV system. We are hoping for this to cover 70% of our kwh usage throughout the year.
Rob's SE Michigan Solar Home
System composed of 26- Sharp 235 watt panels with SMA 7KW inverter
Meyer's House
Our Log House in THE CROSSINGS development. Just installed a WF Envision 4 Ton with closed loops. WEL installation in process.
W&J's House
Part 16C stone house with WEL monitoring. No Gas or oil, and the solid fuel has been changed for 8-borehole GSHP (& an occasional, largely decorative, log fire!)
Berwick Fire Department
15000 square foot super insulated fire hall with 32 Thermodynamics solar panels to in floor radient.
Just getting started with a ground-source heat pump.
B & J's Geothermal System
New Installation November 2010. Carrier 4 ton system. 4 x 175' horizontal bore loops.
Tom and Rita
A 2760 sq foot house with a basement. Entire house built with 12 inch Polysteel ICF blocks. Heated and cooled with a Climate Master Tranquility 27 closed loop water to Air furnace. Hydronic loops in basement and garage floor.
Our Southington Residence
We have a ground source heat pump (GSHP) Envision Series from WaterFurnace that was installed in the fall of 2008 to heat & cool our home. The system has a closed loop with a pressurized GeoLink Flow Center FC2-FPT with two Grundfos pumps (TYP UP 26-99) and 3 vertical bores at 225 feet each with 1.25'' HDPE pipe. The geothermal loop is running with methanol diluted at 20%. The GSHP is controlled by a TZ-4 TotalZone Zone Control panel from Honeywell. The Envision unit is running with the IntelliStart component to preserve the life of the compressor,reduce light flicker, and diminish start-up noise from the unit by reducing the start-up current to just 30% of normal starting amperage.

We also have a Marathon (MR50245) 50 Gallon 4500 Watts Electric Water heater.

Our house was built in 2002. The house is 2500 square feet with 2'' by 6'' framing on exterior walls and R19 insulation. The attic has R30 insulation. The house has Andersen Windows with high performance glass.

The geothermal heat pump replaced an inefficient Hallmark oil fired furnace. The Marathon water heater replaced a Bock oil water heater. We have cut our dependency on fossil fuels as we no longer need oil to heat our home or our domestic hot water.

The WEL is helping us get a better understanding of how our system is performing and helps us monitor in greater detail our temperature sensor data and monthly heating and cooling costs.

(Posting since 2010)

George & Susan Fraser
1st stage of a solar hot water installation for domestic hot water and infloor radiant heat. SDHW boiler up and running in Nov 2010, WEL posted Jan 22, 2011.
Thermo Dynamics SB64 (2 G Series Panels)
80G Marathon Storage
55G Marathon Electic DWH
Countryside house, with geothermal heat source, and forced air ducts.

I hope to monitor the behavior of the the geothermal unit,
and validate that it does not use the backup electric element too much.

As I am going to do some monitoring, I also intend to monitor many points in the house to see how well the whole setup is balanced.

Finally, I am also monitoring the electric current at many points, and I want to correlate all this.

Started operation in may, 2011. First logging setup completed in march, 2012.

Willowgate Geothermal
GeoMax (Climate Master) 2 4-ton closed loop w/ glycol. Two 300-foot boreholes with 2 Rehau double-u-bend loops (4 loops total). Installed Fall, 2009. Home is a 2100sq foot 2 story. Desuperheater with 40 gallon buffer & 40 gallon electric finishing. Decafdrinker@hotmail.com
Two ClimateMaster 2 ton Tranquility 27 units installed in 2008.
Tim Ansems' Farm2000
Farm2000 imported from UK, burning straw to heat 26,000 ft^2 turkey facility.
Richs House
2 Story Home
5.3 KW Solar PV
One WEL and one TED installed using 4 CTs and numerous DS18S20 Temperature Sensors
Wilmore, KY
American Standard Platinum 18 Air - Air heat pump
Solar panels for Weather station / networking equipment
Rational Energy Solutions - Lex
Ground source heat pumps (7-water-to-air and 1 water-to-water) in a new 8500sf house, insulated with closed cell foam.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

EnCom - 19 Plateau Cr.
Killam Properties building at 19 Plateau Cr. in Halifax, NS with an EnCom solar evacuated tube system. The system has 36 collectors, each with 30 evacuated tubes.
Camp Emerald Bay
We are studying our water and energy usage in real-time.
Davenport Home
Our 7.4kW PV system supplies all our electricity. We eliminated all natural gas use on our property (and had SDG&E close our gas account!), so the house is zero emission. Our hot water is supplied by a Rheem heat pump water heater (UEF
John and Caroline Passive Bungalow Rebuild
We have finished re building a standard 1970 bungalow to Passive House standard. Now using the data to fine tune the building and confirm that our design is correct and we achieve our comfortable low energy home

Another *Clean Slate Energy* system
Inglewood, Calgary
5 Ton Maritime Nordic Water to Water System providing hot water for in-floor hydronic heating, pre-heat for hot water tank and cold water for AC via fancoil on Hi-Velocity air handlers. Ground loop is 4 200 ft vertical wells in backyard using 1'' dia. line. House is 2 story, apprx. 2450 sq. ft. with ICF walls, hot attic design, and concrete floors on all levels.
Southland Home
Waterfurnace Envision 2-ton dual stage ground source heat pump with desuperheater. Horizontal ground loop, 4 pipe, 3/4'' HDPE, 350 foot trench.
My House
Geo Thermal, Solar Thermal, Solar PV
50s Ranch
50s Ranch, 1450 square feet with 3 ton Water Furnace Envision NDZ038 dual speed, soft start, split air-handler with 50gal desuperheater and 50gal electric domestic hot water.
1540' ground loop horizontal bores (7 bores x 110' x 2).
Installed 2012.03.30
FOG Industries Cold Storage
FOG Industries Cold Storage

-- Under development --

Low and medium temp refrigeration
-Box temp
-Condensor run time per day/week/month

Building HVAC systems
-Suction temps
-Liquid temps
-Supply and return temps for delta T calculation
-Condensor run time per stage for three 4 ton systems

Solar Thermal, Radiant Floors, Hot Tub, Domestic Hot Water
Fogo Island INN Newfoundland
Solar Thermal System for domestic hot water and space heating.

69 - Thermo Dynamics Ltd. G32-P solar collectors

Cornerstone Naturopathic Clinic
Hybrid solar thermal system installed by Doctor Solar that provides space heating and domestic hot water preheating.
Martin Energetics
3,265 sf home under construction with 3-ton GeoComfort closed loop GSHP. Horizontal loop field is 3200' of 3/4'' HDPE in four, flat slinky runs buried at 7 feet in poor soil. Trench lengths are 87 feet long by 42'' wide, and wing outward at 180 from two header pits near front and back of house. All slinkies encased in one foot of compacted, fine silt that holds water very well. At the 2-foot level above each trench, 4'' diameter, laser-leveled leach pipes in drain rock (covered by industrial fabric and buried) deliver downspout and surface drainage to ''water'' the trenches, keeping the loop pipes surrounded by wetter, more conductive silt.

System will also contain three ducted zones w/thermostats, a de-superheater loop to a two-tank DHW system, timed circulation to hot water use points, heat recovery ventilator, electronic air filter, and humidifier.

All electric home in a 13/kwh environment at 5852 heating degree days. ASHRAE winter design temperature for this Sierra Nevada 3500' mountain location is +10F. Projected total cost in January is $170 or less for heat, hot water, lights, refrigeration, cooking, and laundry. That's $5.20/100sf/month.

Hildebrand Hollow
Commissioned Sept 29/2012

Off grid system including Photovoltaic, Heating System, Rainwater Collection, Slow Sand Filtering system.

- 12 panel 2600 watt 24V Outback Solar Photovoltaic system
- 4 Panels of 20 WSE Evacuated Tubes (80 Total) Facing South Southeast
- 1200 Feet pipe in Sand Bed Heat Core (Insulated below concrete floor and around foundation (R20)
- 80 gallon Solar hot water tank
- In floor heating
- Recirculation System to extract heat from core to floor
- House loop for additional Hot water tank, in floor heating
- On demand propane hot water heater back up

SB64 9PV Solar Boiler System
Thermo Dynamics Ltd. Solar Boiler system.
Model SB64-9PV
Solar Domestic Hot Water system
HRM Solar City Program, Thermo Dynamics Solar Boiler system
A Thermo Dynamics Solar Boiler system, installed under the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Solar City Program. The goal of the program is to have 1000 solar thermal systems installed in HRM by 2015. HRM has contracted Thermo Dynamics Ltd. to supply and install the systems.

The system consists of 2 S32 solar collectors (6 m2), a 289 liter storage tank, a natural convection heat exchanger, and a Solar Pump powered by a 20-watt photovoltaic (PV) module

Thermo Dynamics Ltd. is a Nova Scotian company that manufactures and installs solar equipment.

Chelsea Abode in the Gatineau Hills
Two story family home owner built in 1992 to high energy efficiency standards. Recently accorded an 86 Energuide rating as part of the subsidy process for a GSHP installation.

Walls: R-32 (5cm extruded foam over Roxul filled wall cavity)
Roof: R45 (Roxul)
Windows: Tilt and Turn, low-e and argon fill
Site: Maple forest facing, Southeast for solar gain in winter.
Heating System: Geocomfort GTX036 (3 tonne) water to air commissioned in March of 2012.
Ground Loop: 152 meter (500 ft) by 150 mm (6'') single bore. Single 1.25'' HDPE loop with 30% glycol blend.

I am hoping to monitor loop temperatures through the seasons and track longer term loop temperature trends

Hale Pau Hana condo
Colmac HPA4 Heat Pump system for 2 low-rise two story buildings.
Three 120 gallon electric solar tanks for storage and backup heat
Two Rheem Hybrid heat pump water heaters reheat the recirculated water from the building.
The Colmac heat pump is a ''One Pass'' system that heats the water from cold (74 degrees) to hot (125 degrees) in one pass. It won't heat the recirculated hot water so the hybrids were added to do that
Lords Home
Initial monitoring of Solar PV and Geothermal (GSHP) system.
Rational Energy Solutions - MPB Dover
HVAC system with 4.45gph and 1.75gph oil boilers with standard AC. Conversion evaluation and monitoring. Replaced DHW tank with 50gal. heat pump water heater.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

A small 3 unit condo with monitoring for heat distribution from a high efficiency propane boiler. Also monitor insulation efficiency with 9 temperature sensors embedded in the wall and ceiling insulation a varying depths.
Tom's Direct Exchange system
2034 sq ft Timber Block structure, 2 1/2 ton direct exchange system, (5) bore holes 75' deep, (4) sensors (tied to loop piping) monitoring ground temp - (2) at 75' - (2) at 35'. System diagram and additional sensors under construction (as time permits). Please check back for changes in the future.
Falling Star
Ground Source Geothermal Heating and Cooling
Rational Energy Solutions - Willow
22,000sf foam insulated house with (12)425' wells and 14 geothermal heat pumps, plus gas boilers for hot water and snow melt.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

Kaykor Inc.
My Southern Utah Offgrid Remote Cabin
Offgrid remote cabin, 100% solar powered.

Solar System: 2kw roof mounted Kyocera solar panels, Magnum MS4024 inverter, Midnite Classic charge controllers, 800AH 24V forklift battery.

Water Pumping: 3x190 watt Suntech solar panels, Grundfos DC/AC deep well pump with controller, 115V 1/2 HP booster pump, 3000 gallon above ground tank (irrigation), 600 gallon buried tank (culinary).

duanesworld net
Replace the existing natural gas furnace and electric air conditioner with a Geothermal Unit. Also Collecting temperature of the earth from 1 to 11 feet.
Hale Pau Hana Hi-Rise
Colmac HPA4 Heat Pump system for a 7 story building.
Five 120 gallon electric solar tanks for storage and backup heat
Two Rheem Hybrid heat pump water heaters reheat the recirculated water from the building.
The Colmac heat pump is a ''One Pass'' system that heats the water from cold (74 degrees) to hot (125 degrees) in one pass. It won't heat the recirculated hot water so the hybrids were added to do that.
PV panels replaced the previous solar water heating panels and provide power for the heat pumps and much of the other building loads. The WEL monitoring system provides information for fine tuning the 3 heat pump system.
HRM Solar City 0855
Thermo Dynamics SB32 (1 solar collector) Solar Boiler solar water heater
Our House
3 AET solar thermal collectors, 10 gal drainback tank, 80 gal Solar hot water tank and a external heat exchanger.
Mittlestaedt Residence
Two water to water geothermal heat pumps.
Betz Residence
Two Geothermal Water to Water Heat Pumps and Boiler with radiant heat and two air handlers.
Just a test. Nothing to see here. Move along now. Seriously, this is only a test.
Steve's House
2000 sq ft split level home built in 1954. I am monitoring my 4 ton ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 split closed loop geothermal heating and cooling system. It replaced an oil burner. Geo also provides the central cooling that was on the wish list for a long time. I have done significant air sealing and insulating. I'm using the WEL to measure my usage and make sure the system is operating as efficiently as it can.

10/2013 Geothermal system commissioned.
1/3/2014 15kw aux heat strip added (system couldn't satisfy tstat).
7/29/2014 50 gal HWH buffer tank installed.
12/31/2014 WEL goes live with several sensors

Sawmill Lake
Starting energy efficient experience to built a 'Net Zero' Home. Starting to readings Januari 2015
Older Mountain
5ton Climatemaster Tranquility 27, heating a 2400sf New Modular Home. This page is currently a work in progress.
Konou Place Apartments
Solar water Heating System on 13 unit apartment house is being removed for re-roofing and will be replaced by a heat pump and PV panels.
Rational Energy Solutions - Willow
22,000sf foam insulated house with (12)425' wells and 14 geothermal heat pumps, plus gas boilers for hot water and snow melt.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

Mike's House
Water to water (4 ton) HP and a water to air (1 ton) HP, closed loop system.
Geo Monoflo Cottage
Two 360-ft vertical closed loops provide the geothermal source for a Bosch 2-stage 3-ton water-to-water heat pump, whose unbuffered output is fed directly into the home's original 2-branch loop of 10 cast iron radiators at 9 gpm by two Grundfos Alpha ECM circulators. Maximum radiative capacity is ~30,000 Btu/hr, at 125F LLT, which is adequate for this 1400-sf stucco cottage. In practice, LLT and radiator temperatures rarely exceed 115 and 110, respectively. A backup oil-fired boiler can be cut in on exceptionally cold nights or during power failures. A 4.6-kW rooftop solar array yields ~3,000 kWh per year, enough to cover most of the geosystem's power consumption. Inquiries: LFP87@verizon.net
A simple interior temperature monitoring system.
Yves L. Chenevert 159 Dalesville
This is rest place

Maintened by: Yves Chenevert (514) 992-6588

Rational Energy Solutions - St. Theresa Church
HVAC system with (4)natural gas boilers plus AC

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

Mountain House
Net-zero passive solar house with radiant floor heating.
5 ton w2w closed-loop GSHP system.
Solar thermal roof panels that provide 240 gallons of domestic hot water (up to 160F).
14.7kW grid-tied solar electric system (100% net metering) with 21 kWh LiFePO4 battery backup to handle any local power outages.
1725 gallon in-ground cistern for irrigation with constant-pressure pump.
Total utility costs: $240 per year (just the base charge to stay connected to the grid) with enough solar energy to support one EV for ~12k miles per year.
The Big EZ
Downstairs 4 Zones
Climate Master Tranquility 27 4 ton

Upstairs 4 Zones
Climate Master Tranquility 27 4 ton

Stormy Lake Geothermal
6-ton Waterfurnace Series 5 Dual Speed (500A11) 072 (6-ton) geothermal furnace system with a lake loop. Auxiliary Heat is provided by an EAL15 3-bank electric heater included with the furnace. Also provides Hot Water Assist to our Electric Hot Water Tank.

New furnace installed February 2024 replacing the original 6-ton Waterfurnace Premier Series unit (21 years of service)

Chuck and Vera
Installed in April-June 2012 a 4 Ton GeoComfort 2 stage water to air system with 4 800' horizontal loops of .75'' poly pipe. Just now getting the WEL system installed (Nov 30, 2017).
Our Cool House
The Birth Place of the Web Energy Logger (Posting Since 2005)

Rather than building a traditional ''Energy-Hog'' home, or even a non-traditional Energy-Efficient home, our new home is a unique fusion of energy efficient techniques, and environmental sanity.

Our goal was to create a home that uses the sun, earth and water to create a pleasant living environment where we can enjoy the wildlife, and which also reduces our demands on non-sustainable resources.

Mountain House
Ground Source Geo Heating And Cooling
Fox Hill
Instrumentation Coming Soon.

By adding Solar PV (10 KW) to our roof and replacing the natural gas furnace (4 Ton) with a ground source heat pump, we stopped burning ancient hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) for our home (2011). When we transitioned to a plug-in hybrid EV(Volt) in 2012, we stopped buying gasoline for most of our transportation (i.e. local trips under 40 miles). It is possible to live comfortably without fire. That's cool.

(Haven't found the energy solution for our long distance travel yet - hydrogen hybrids?).

Shawnee House
Our ''Passive Solar'' is comprised of PCM (Phase Change Material) drywall.
Ogden QC
Ogden, Quebec.
Five ton (single compressor - R410A) ClimateMaster water/water (vertical loop) heat pump (with HWG)in lakeside garage/apartment addition (completed 2016) to existing log house. Seven sub floor zones and 1 FirstCo air coil (heat/cool with 15 kW backup electric heat in 3 stages). HBX ECO - 0550 outdoor reset controller sets reservoir target according to outside temperature to match load and optimize COP (warmer OAT --> lower ELT --> less heat to envelope + higher COP). Main Reservoir: 72 Gal.; HWG reservoir: 36 Gal.

Electric load (addition, main house, boat storage shed) monitored by eGauge. Backup by Kohler 48 kW generator with load shedding.

Objective: Installer clearly did not understand much about heat pumps. Goal is to determine whether my fixes are such that the system is performing as it should. And keep an eye on my electric bill.

First Universalist Church Denver
A new sustainable energy system was installed and came on-line June 2018. The 57 kW Solar PV system is sized to provide 100% of the annual electrical power needs of the church. 10 natural gas furnaces were replaced with 10 ground source geothermal heat pump furnaces that now provide all the heating & cooling needs of the church without burning ancient hydrocarbons. The sustainable energy system has zero carbon/GHG emissions.
5/17 - 8 ton WaterFurnace dual compressor W/W heat pump with 5 vertical wells controlled by ECO - 0550 controller with outdoor reset. First Co 5 ton and 3 ton air handlers, each equipped with secondary coil for backup supplied by Navien Combi boiler (also with outdoor reset). Custom control panel (20 ice-cube relays). Briggs and Stratton 48 kVa backup generator with Symphony load shedding.
12/17 - WEL and eGauge (power monitoring) systems installed.
5/18 - System zoned (6 zones) with Retrozone air bladder dampers operated by Honeywell zoning system controller and thermostats. WEL system installation complete. eGauge system augmented to monitor other heat pumps and walk-in cooler. Load shedding plan updated and augmented.
6/19 - 13.9 kW Solar System installed. 58 panels with IQ7 inverters.
Rational Energy Solutions, St. Dunstan's Church
Combination propane and electric resistance heat. Evaluation for conversions to heat pumps and energy efficient improvements.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

Danville, PA
2300 SF bi-level house, 1000 SF is a lower level with 2/3 below grade. Built in 1981, we purchased in 1991.

In 1998 had a Waterfurnace Premier2 installed. This 2.3 ton geothermal heat pump, with a desuperheater, replaced baseboard electric heat and a coal stove. The ground loop consists of two 175' deep vertical boreholes, with a 20% methanol mix, protected to 15 F. In 2016 we replaced the electric water heater with a GE 50 gallon hybrid tank.

Our overall goal, just trying to be smart with our energy usage.


Home was built in 2018
2250 square feet with full basement
Bryant GZ048 geothermal split unit
Bryant propane furnace
1847 Chaffin House
Ground source closed loop W->A geothermal
Yves Chenevert INDIGO 5400 Delorimier
5 apartement with geothermal heating and cooling. 1 Front store with geothermal heating an cooling + radiant floor.
DHW heated by water to water heat source.
Control by Yves Chenevert 514 992-6588 with a BL4S200 microcontroller from digi. All operation are run by AI program V4.3.
White Tree Farm
BONE Structure Home - High Efficiency Design with Passive Solar

Heating - IBC SL 14-115 G3 Propane Boiler into five radiant heating zones
Heating/Cooling - 2x Mitsubishi Electric PVA-A36 Heat Pumps

2020/12/26 - Floor In Slab (FIS), Ground Below Slab (GBS) thermocouples activated

Bayou Vista
Small 1,000 sq foot beach house on the gulf coast

Under Construction

Berkeley Sanden HP
Sanden CO2 heat pump for hot water and space heat
Bromont (en construction)
Geothermal heat pump with water radiant floor system
Matt's House
~2,400 sq ft cap cod home with ICF basement/foundation built in 2007 with walkout basement. 2x6 construction with andersen double pane windows.

21 Sunpower 350 watt panels installed in October 2019 by Earthlight Technologies.

Geothermal installation in May 2021 to replace oversized oil boiler and AC units.

Two (2) 300 ft deep wells drilled by CT wells. 1.25'' HDPE grouted into 6'' OD wells with ~80 ft run into the house from the wells.

4 Ton Hydron Module Revolution 2 (YT048) 2-stage heat pump w/ desuperheater and 10 kW supplemental heat strip. Hot water provided by an 80 Gallon State Premier HPX hybrid hot water heater and 40 gallon Argosy buffer tank. Installation by King Energy.

38,150 BTU/hr heat loss for winter and 18,939 BTU/hr heat gain in summer. System was designed to maintain an indoor temperature of 70 degrees to a minimum outdoor temperature of 8 degrees prior to requiring supplemental heat.

House envelope, overall, is about as tight as it can be without requiring a ventilator. R49+ in the attic with air sealing performed to minimize air leakage into the attic.

Hoping to be able to monitor system performance to understand how it works and ensure the system is operating as expected.

DORVAL CASD Support:Yves Chenevert (514) 992-6588
is a big recreative complex in the city of DORVAL
It as one competitive pool of 300000USG
And one recreative pool of 75000USG
Both heated by geothermal source
10 Ton Hydron Module Water to Water Installation with 5 Hydronic Fan Coil units, Backup Boiler, and 40 Gallon Bank Tank
Rational Energy Solutions - Willow
22,000sf foam insulated house with (12)425' wells and 14 geothermal heat pumps, plus gas boilers for hot water and snow melt.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

Rational Energy Solutions - First Parish
Church built in late 1800s with 2 boilers plus 4 furnaces using oil.

System design and monitoring by:
Rational Energy Solutions

Solar Spirits Distillery
This is the first installation of solar parabolic micro-troughs designed by Vapor Motive Company LLC, of Sandpoint, ID. The troughs are made from lightweight re-usable and recyclable materials and may ship to the installation location flat. The nominal capturing surface of this single module of troughs is 100ft^2. The objective of this installation is to test the structural, thermal, and control system performance of the design throughout the year while reducing utility-provided thermal energy use for distillation processes by up to 1/3.
Tom's House Geothermal and PV powered
6 ton Bosch water to air, closed loop using 1x400ft and 2x200 ft deep bedrock wells.
Powered by Revision 15 kW PV.
House of Many Barns
Sustainability in action, log home assembled from 31 reclaimed tobacco barns, 2 log houses, and a log school house. Hiding new technology within old wood. The goal is off-grid little smart home on the prairie.
This is a residential geothermal system