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OK, I'm not a big manufacture with a giant distribution system.  But I do believe in providing a quality product that performs as expected.  If you're not sure what you need, you should call or email me (see my info at the bottom of the page). 

I've tried to provide a wide range of options below, and if I don't have what you need, I can probably tell you where to get it.  If you are a DIY Dude, just get the bare minimum WEL and build your network from scratch, otherwise the WEL Starter Kit may be the best for you.  One great thing about the Web Energy Logger (WEL) is that you can be as self sufficient as you want when it comes to doing it yourself. 

All the software you need comes included with every WEL.  This includes the monitoring software on the WEL, and an account on the WELServer.com website for display and logging purposes.


Here are the options and prices. Click any image for an enlargement.

WEL Starter Kit Enc. (p/n WEL-SK-ENC)

This is for someone who wants a turn-key monitoring system.  This includes the latest WEL 4.5 Processor (WEL) in a transparent enclosure with a high-efficiency plug-in power supply (WEL-PWR).  It also includes 10 Temperature Sensors, 40 feet of 24AWG twisted triad wire (BUS40-24AWG) suitable for the 1-Wire bus, plus 25 inline-crimps   Each of these components are describe below with any associated documentation.  

You can also choose from 6 different combinations of Epoxy Potted (TSENSE-POT), or 1" Stainless Steel (TSENSE-SS1-1M) temperature probes. The potted sensors are great for measuring air temperatures, and the Steel ones are easy to strap to pipes for measuring water temperature.

Price: $535 each (+ tax in MD)   (Best value with a $21 saving)

Choose Sensors BEFORE adding.
The WEL (p/n WEL)

The bare minimum WEL purchase is just the WEL 4.5 Processor mounted in a custom transparent enclosure (same as the one used in the starter kit).  You don't need to purchase anything else from me.  I'll show you exactly what else you need to build your system, from wiring, to temperature sensors and Watt meters.   The WEL will come fully programmed and ready to post data.  

 Download the User Guide
Price: $395 each (+ tax in MD)

WEL Power Supply (p/n WEL-PWR)
This is a high efficiency switching power supply. It supplies 9V at 800mA. The connector is a 2.5mm Barrel Plug with center positive.
Price: $11 each (+ tax in MD)
40' Bus Wire 24 AWG (p/n BUS40-24AWG)
Three solid-copper 24AWG wires have been twisted together to make a 1-Wire bus that's well suited to the harsh conditions in a utility room. 
In addition to the standard black and yellow bus wires, a red wire is also included for future expansion, to provide the power that some sensors require.

Price: $20 each (+ tax in MD)

250' Reel: Bus Wire 24 AWG (p/n BUS250-24AWG) $100
Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor with 1M cable (p/n TSENSE-SS1-1M)
This small Stainles Steel clad sensor has a 1M (39") flexible cable for easy installation. The extended cable will offer added convenience for installers, in addition to some extra moisture resitance. It can be clamped to a pipe for robustness. This sensor is 0.25" in diameter, so it's also ideal for inserting into a thermal well on a copper pipe.   Small telecomm Tap-Splices are supplied with the sensor to easily add it to an existing 1-wire bus without stripping or soldering.
Note: The wire colors for this device are NOT-Logical. Red is Gnd, and Black is the 1-Wire Bus. Wiring Tips
Price: $12 each (+ tax in MD)
Potted Temperature Sensor (p/n TSENSE-POT)
This Potted Sensor provides a low cost option for air temperature monitoring. The sensor head has a diameter of only 0.25" and the length of the potted section is just over 1". The rugged jacketed cable is approx 3ft long. The epoxy is hardened and waterproof, and completely covers the sensor and solder joints, allowing this sensor to be used in harsh conditions. Although great for measuring both water or air temperature, this sensor is NOT suitable for strapping to pipes, because there are no flat surfaces to ensure a good thermal coupling. Small telecomm Tap-Splices are supplied with the sensor to easily add it to an existing 1-wire bus without stripping or soldering. Wiring Tips
Price: $12 each (+ tax in MD)
Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor (Rugged) (p/n TSENSE-SS3)
This 3" long stainless steel temperature probe is 8mm in diameter and has a DS18B20 element connected to a durable jacketed cable with 2 heavy stranded conductors, all of which is completely epoxied into the probe, resulting in a high quality and rugged sensor that is water proof and perfect for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Cable is approximately 3 feet long. Small telecomm Tap-Splices are supplied with the sensor to easily add it to an existing 1-wire bus without stripping or soldering. Wiring Tips
Price: $16 each (+ tax in MD)
CR Magnetics: Current Switch (p/n CR9321-NPN)
This item is an isolated current sense device, which can be used with the WEL Run Monitor inputs to sense when an HVAC device has been activated.  It's ideal for circulator pumps, GSHP's, heater elements and any fixed-load device that draws more than 300 mA.  You just slip the Current Switch over one of the device's power conductors (white wire in picture) and connect the red and black wires up to the WEL.  The WEL can display if the device is on or off, and it can record the number of hours that the device is active each day and month.  (Note: the Current Switch does NOT measure the current, it just knows when it is on or off)
Price: $26 each (+ tax in MD)

CR Magnetics: Clip-On Current Switch (p/n CR9380-NPN)
This item is similar to the CR9321 above, except that you don't need to disconnect the wire to be sensed. The CR9380 has a split torroid that clips over a single conductor. 

Yes, bigger than the CR9321, but perhaps more convenient.
(Note: the Current Switch does NOT measure the current, it just knows when it is on or off)

Price: $40 each (+ tax in MD)

8-Channel Thermostat Input Module (1-Wire). (p/n WELSTAT-8)
OUT OF STOCK Due to component shortages.

The WELSTAT-8 Module can monitor up to eight 24 VAC thermostat signals (STATS).

All 8 Thermostat inputs are optically isolated from the 1-wire bus, and each other.   The WEL will register a '1' state when 12-24 vac is present across a pair of input screw terminals.  Each input draws only 1mA from the 24 vac signal line it is monitoring.  This board does NOT generate the 24 vac, it simply monitors an existing control signal.  An input might be connected across the C and W1 lines of a HVAC unit's controller board to detect a Low Heat call.

Installation can be tricky, so read the User Guide, for more details.

Price: $95, or $85 without the box.  See pull down list above.  Make your selection before adding to cart. (+ tax in MD)

6-Channel Pulse Counter Module (1-Wire). (p/n WELPULSE-6)
The WELPULSE-6 Module can count pulses from up to 6 contact-closure or open-collector (unpowered) devices. These would typically be generated by Water Flow Meters or Electric Watt Meters

The WEL counts pulses over each 1 minute interval, and can apply any desired scale to convert to real-world units, like GPM. It can also apply a range of "treatments" enabling it to accumulate total counts or calculate total flow or power usage on a per/day and per/month basis.

There are two flavors of this device. The standard unit can read 6 pulse streams, but the minimal unit is built to just read 2 pulse streams. You can also choose to use it with, or without, a plastic enclosure. For more information, read the User Guide

Price: Various, based on options selected.   See pull down list above.  Make your selection before adding to cart. (+ tax in MD)

8-Channel Current Switch Input Module (1-Wire). (p/n WELCS-8)
OUT OF STOCK Due to component shortages.

The WELCS-8 Module can read up to 8 contact-closure or open-collector (unpowered) devices. These would typically be a relay contact or Current Switch (see options above)

One example use for this module would be to monitor a set of 8 pumps for run-times. The WELCS-8 would be mounted near the pumps, and individual Current Switches would be attached to each pump power feed. The WELCS-8 would be connected to a single 1-wire bus run, and no dedicated power would be required at that location. This unit is parasitically powered from the 1-wire bus).

Note: The alternative would be to run a set of 8 Current Switch wires back to the WEL. This solution would be less expansice, but possibly also less convenient.

Price: $85 including the enclosure. (+ tax in MD)

Simple 1-Wire Wiring Hub. (p/n WEL-HUB)

This small module makes it easy to create a star hub next to your WEL. Putting lots of solid wires into a single screw terminal isn't the best wiring practice, so instead, you can use this hub to tie several wire runs together.

It has 6 terminal blocks that are all just wired together. Two 3-wire and four 2-wire terminal blocks make it easy to form a hub, or attach in a group of sensors. Each terminal is labeled with my standard wire color code: Black (Gnd), Yellow (Bus), Red (Pwr), and there are 4 mounting holes if you want to attach it to the wall. Using a hub like this also makes it easy to disconnect a bus run for testing, or for upgrades. (Click pic for expanded view).

Note: Since this is just a passive wiring hub, you still shouldn't use it to add a long branch to an existing bus run. Splitting a long bus run part way down it's length can degrade the signal sufficianty to cause sensor reading problems.

Always have the center of a network star located right at the WEL, and keep any branches off a long run as short as possible.
Price: $17 each (+ tax in MD) 

DIY Temperature Sensors (p/n TSENSE-5DIY)
These are raw un-mounted DS18B20-PAR temperature Sensors ICs.  If you have plenty of time and a steady hand, you can wire and mount these sensors yourself.  Build you own custom temperature probe.    Note: these are the Parasite-Power version of the chips that only require two terminals to be connected.
Price: $21 for a pack of 5 sensors (+ tax in MD)
Box of 25 Crimps (p/n CRIMPS-25)
These are the best wire splice crimps that I've found. They are 3M Scotchlok.

They are Gel filled for a moisture proof connection, and they have a cool two step connection process. First you clip them on the bus with finger pressure, then you insert the sensor wire, and crimp them with pliers or crimp tool (see below).

Watch my you-tube video for tips on how to install them.
Price: $8 for a pack of 25 crimps (+ tax in MD)

Pro'sKit Splice and Crimp tool (p/n CRIMPTOOL)
These crimpers are great for installing any telecom splice crimps, including the UB2A Crimps above.

These are soldly built and have flat jaw design with a hard stop that prevents over-crimping.
Price: $15 (+ tax in MD)

"No Questions Asked" 50% Off - WEL Hardware Replacement
There are times when things just happen which none of us have any control over.
..... like Fire or Flood or Lightning.
And then there are times when we just do something DUMB
..... like wiring power to the wrong terminals, or dropping the WEL in a bucket of water.

Sometimes you just need a new WEL because ... well... don't ask!

In these cases if you just send me your dead WEL with all the parts intact, I'll send you a brand new one to replace it. Since you've already paid for the software on your WEL, I'll discount the replacement unit by 50%. If you send me a Configuration Backup file (UserBlock.dat) for your old WEL I'll even load it for you.

When you purchase, add a note to tell me which WEL this is a replacement for. I'll need to have your unit in hand before I send the replacement, so use the address below to mail/ship me your dead WEL.
Price: $197.50 each (+ tax in MD)

$1 Shipping Up-charge: If required. (p/n SHIP-ONE)
If your country isn't on my shipping list, I may have you manually add the required shipping charge to your order. If this is the case, I'll just ask you to add the required number of $1 Shipping Up-charges. Price: $1 each 

Please call or email me if you need information about stock, or help with an order.
Phil Malone aka: Mr. OurCoolHouse.com  
Phone: 301 501-7424 (9:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Time)
Email: phil.malone(at)Mr-Phil.com  ...Replace (at) with @ 
US Mail: PO Box 501
Mc Henry, MD, 21541
Shipping: 124 Cherry Heights Lane
Mc Henry, MD, 21541

Note: I'm trying to make it possible for people to build their own monitoring systems without requiring a lot of nitty-gritty technical knowledge, but I am expecting the average user to be somewhat technical, with an eagerness to learn more about their particular system.  This is consistent with what I've discovered when dealing with people on my site.  The ones considering energy efficiency, or alternative technologies are often willing to get a bit more "involved" with the process.  And it pays off in the end.

So, if you're considering installing a Web Energy Logger in your new home or business, feel free to call or email me to discuss your thoughts.  It's easy enough for me to ask you a few questions on the phone and help you assess your need, rather than you having to figure it all out for yourself.  It also helps me to be able to predict likely orders, and make sure I have stock on hand.