Web Energy Logger Support Files

This page contains a selection of files which can be used to support various WEL capabilities. 
Right-click a link to download the document or program.

Current Release:  June. 6th, 2011
  1. Version 4.3 of the WEL Hardware is released with new power connector and 0-10V analog inputs.
  2. Version 4.09 of the WEL firmware was released to add new expression operators and network configurations.
  3. User Manual Rev 4.0.3 was released to reflect the hardware and software upgrades.

The files in this section relate to the current hardware and software release.
Scroll down to the Legacy Files section for manuals for prior hardware and software.

WEL User Manual 4.0.3. (WEL_User_Manual_4.0.3.pdf)  [Friday, 03-Jun-2011 20:43:58 EDT]

This updated WEL Users Manual was created to:

  • Document the new WEL 4.06+ Firmware Features
  • Document the new new hadeware features of the WEL 4.3 Processor board.

LocateIP (LocateIP.exe)

If you use DHCP to automatically assign your WEL unit an IP address, you may not know how to find it with your browser.  Locate IP is a neat windows program that will go out and find the WEL, and let you see (and modify) it's IP address.

Wiring tips for WEL sensors (WEL_Wiring_Quick_Tips.pdf)  [Wednesday, 07-Nov-2012 14:07:38 EST]

This is a short document that summarizes how to hook up the various WEL sensors. 
It describes the standard wire color-code and explains the signal polarities.

WELSTAT-8 user Guide (WELSTAT-8.pdf)  [Tuesday, 24-Jul-2012 22:49:32 EDT]

This explains the operation of the WELSTAT-8 Module. This module provided 8 Isolated "thermostat syle" inputs. These can sense the presence of a 9-28V AC/DC control sisgnal.

WELPULSE-6 user Guide (WELPULSE-6.pdf)  [Tuesday, 24-Jul-2012 23:40:28 EDT]

This explains the operation of the WELPULSE-6 Module. This module provided 6 pulse counter inputs. These can interface to "rate" type sensors like Wattmeters, water and gas flow meters or any rotational sensor.

Net metering and PV monitoring. (NetMeteringWhitePaper.pdf)  [Sunday, 16-Sep-2012 20:27:36 EDT]

This document explains how to determine the calibration scale factors when using a Wattnode Wattmeter with the -PV option. It also describes how to combine pules values to calculate net power usage.

Image refresh scripts (WEL_images_refresh_scripts.doc)  [Tuesday, 24-May-2011 16:31:26 EDT]

Your live system image and trend graphs are created and displayed on an automatically-generated page on the WELServer server.  But if you have your on web site, then you may want to include them there as well.  Since the images are continually updated by the server, it makes sense to have them automatically refresh on your web page.  This file explains the best way to get your images to refresh automatically.  It's just some simple Java Script that can be cut & pasted into your page.

Standard Sensor Names (WEL_Standardized_Sensor_Names.doc)  [Sunday, 19-Nov-2006 23:00:00 EST]

One part of configuring the WEL is to give all your sensors names.  These names are used to define your system graphic and trend graphs.  This document suggests a standard naming convention.

Sample logfile (WEL_log_2018_01.xls)  [Tuesday, 20-Mar-2018 09:37:44 EDT]

This is a sample Log File. It contains just over a day's worth of data for eight devices. Each row for the file is one Data Post.  The row starts with Date and Time and then follows with each device that is listed in the Log Order section of your Owner Setup, separated by tabs.  Although the file has an .XLS extension it's really just a text file, but the .XLS extension causes Excel to be run when you double click the file.


Software Updates

User Software-Updates are possible on any WEL board running code version 2.0 or greater. 
This process requires you to download the Update Manager program and the latest WEL binary image
Once you have these files, follow the directions on the Software Update Page.

Update Manager program (UpdateMGR.exe)  Rev 1.8   [Friday, 24-Apr-2009 00:00:00 EDT]

This is a Windows XP program that locates the WEL on your network, then enables you to load the new binary image into the on-board flash.  The existing image can be saved on the WEL as a backup in case there is a problem with the new image.  Download this program and put it in a "WEL_Update" folder on your hard drive.  Add a shortcut to the program on your desktop.

Note:  If you have downloaded this program before, make sure you download this latest version if you are updating WEL firmware 2.16 or above.

WEL Binary Images:

There are currently two different paths for WEL firmware upgrades:  Firmware versions 4.X which run on the current WEL4.X hardware, and Firmware Versions 2.X which run on the legacy WEL 3.X Hardware.  Bottom line.. you must stick with the path that is already on your WEL Board.  So, if you have 2.16, you can upgrade to 2.18, but not 4.01.  Likewise if you have 4.01, don't try going to 2.18. 

TIP: When you go to the WEL's main page, it displays the current version in big print at the top.

Version 4.X Firmware (for WEL 4.x hardware).  Recent versions:

CURRENT: WEL Binary Image Rev 4.20  (OCH_WEL_4.20.bin)  [Wednesday, 20-Jun-2018 11:38:30 EDT]

Added timeout for excessive DNS errors
Recursive Expressions are read as valid.
WEL Binary Image Rev 4.18  (OCH_WEL_4.18.bin)  [Saturday, 18-Jun-2016 01:00:00 EDT]

Added Octal Analog IF from EmbeddedDataSystem (OW-IO-AI8) Dev 0x7E Added Seq. Summation (:) expression opperator Added Seq. Average (;) expression opperator Added AllowNegative option for DS2438 Analog Inputs Added a Flash Write at each new day (1W Lib). New X treatment to capture eXtras Last Treatments -- Slot must be a Clone that points to another device -- Capture the last Day and Month Treatment Values of the clone source
WEL Binary Image Rev 4.16  (OCH_WEL_4.16.bin)  [Monday, 09-Feb-2015 00:00:00 EST]

Added new "Eternal" ('E' & 'e') Treatments for non-resetting accumulation. Accumulates _D daily and then adds to eternal _M storage value at midnight.
Corrected bug on 'r' (range) treatment which caused Minimum value to reset daily
Corrected Monthly Reset on 'Y' treatment
WEL Binary Image Rev 4.13  (OCH_WEL_4.13.bin)  [Wednesday, 08-May-2013 01:00:00 EDT]

Added extra error checking to DS2438 code
Made Cellular Network posting more reliable as follows:
- Any web reply that does not return "200 OK" adds 1 to "Post Error Count".
- "Post Error Count" is added to error status as Network Error 9.
- "Post Error Count" is displayed on home page
- If "Post Error Count" reached 5 (min of 5 min) then network interface is restarted.
WEL Binary Image Rev 4.12  (OCH_WEL_4.12.bin)  [Wednesday, 08-May-2013 01:00:00 EDT]

Changed eGauge code to add noteam to the url
Enlarged Post buffer to allow more efficient web posts.

Version 2.X Firmware (for WEL 3.4 hardware).  Recent versions:

CURRENT: WEL Binary Image Rev 2.20  (OCH_WEL_2.20.bin)  [Monday, 29-Oct-2012 01:00:00 EDT]

New Accumulations added (to come in line with 4.x)
Online tip screens updated to reflect new options
WEL Binary Image Rev 2.19  (OCH_WEL_2.19.bin)  [Friday, 15-Jun-2012 01:00:00 EDT]

New Expressions added (to come in line with 4.x)
WEL Binary Image Rev 2.18  (OCH_WEL_2.18.bin)  [Saturday, 20-Mar-2010 14:49:22 EDT]

Streamlined screens no longer use graphics.
Un-named devices are hidden in most screens for speed.
Added new "C" and "c" count Accumulations.
Displays MAC address.

WEL Binary Image Rev 2.17  (OCH_WEL_2.17.bin)  [Thursday, 24-Dec-2009 20:12:00 EST]

Minor Bug Fixes: Digital input data logging.
WEL Binary Image Rev 2.16  (OCH_WEL_2.16.bin)  [Friday, 24-Apr-2009 00:00:00 EDT]

Added the ability to edit accumulated values.
Made Ethernet Startup more robust (retrying if no router present)
Added "Y" Yearly accumulation.
Changed Web Post data resolution to 2 decimals.
Switched to latest Download Manager Library.
Began adding support for second 1-Wire network.


Legacy Files


WEL User Manual 4.0.2. (WEL_User_Manual_4.0.2.pdf)  [Monday, 10-May-2010 11:31:04 EDT]

This updated WEL Users Manual was created to:

  • Document the new WEL 4.02+ Firmware Features
  • Document the new WELserver.com website screens.

WEL User Manual 4.0. (WEL_User_Manual_4.0.pdf)  [Sunday, 28-Feb-2010 14:45:00 EST]

This updated WEL Users Manual was created to:

  • Document the new WEL 4.0 Hardware.
  • Document the new WEL 4.01 Firmware Features

WEL User Manual 2.5. (WEL_User_Manual_2.5.pdf)  [Sunday, 28-Feb-2010 14:13:00 EST]

This updated WEL Users Manual was created to:

  • Document the new WEL 2.16 Firmware features.

WEL User Manual 2.4. (WEL_User_Manual_2.4.pdf)  [Saturday, 06-Dec-2008 23:00:00 EST]

This updated WEL Users Manual describes new capabilities of the 2.15 software:

WEL User Manual 2.3. (WEL_User_Manual_2.3.doc)  [Sunday, 23-Dec-2007 23:00:00 EST]

This updated WEL Users Manual describes new expression capabilities of the 2.13 software:

WEL User Manual 2.2. (WEL_User_Manual_2.2.doc)  [Tuesday, 30-Jan-2007 23:00:00 EST]

Provide some additional information about compatible third-party hardware
Make suggestions for better sensor mounting techniques.

WEL User Manual 2.1. ((WEL_User_Manual_2.1.doc)  [Tuesday, 30-Jan-2007 23:00:00 EST]

This updated WEL Users Manual was created to address the new WEL Logging Server

WEL User Manual 2.0. (WEL_User_Manual_2.0.doc)  [Sunday, 19-Nov-2006 23:00:00 EST]

This updated WEL Users Manual was created to address the 3.2 hardware and 2.X software.  This manual incorporates BOTH the User Guide and the Owner Setup manuals from prior revisions.  It also includes a primer on Network addressing as it relates to the WEL